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Brand Identity
PR Strategy
Lunar Gala is the largest fashion event at Pittsburgh, an annual culmination of interdisciplinary student talent in production, design, modeling, and dance to audiences of 1000+. 
Fall 2020 - Spring 2021
As a member of the Visual Design team (Angela Lee, Alice Cai, Ethan Yang, Caroline Song), I collaborated in developing the visual identity and creating recruitment and promotional designs for the 2021 show. I also created the icon logo and generated assets for multi-media use across the creative cohort.  


Existence is interdependent.

Inspired by the ongoing pandemic that uprooted our way of life, COLLECTIVA represents an idealized state of our current world, one that emphasizes personal accountability in context of interconnected community.

Check out the themed website here.


Values of interconnectedness manifest in the type and graphical system.

To complement larger-than-life 3-D assets, we leveraged an architectural, futuristic, and precise type system in all promotional outputs.

I created the logo icon. This recurring visual motif translated seamlessly to social media, posters, the web interface, and moments throughout the livestreamed show.

— My process —


100% virtual. 100% reliant on digital promotion.

This show was unlike any other. With promotion completely reliant on our Instagram, we crafted a three-wave promotional rollout schedule to ensure a strong online presence leading up to show day.

Check out the Instagram here.


I led the Print and Brand Design team for the following year’s show.
Check out The Eternal Garden here.