Graphic Design
Packaging Design
Brand Identity
During the summer of 2021, I interned at Illumination as a Graphic Designer on the Consumer Packaged Goods team. I conducted trend research to curate effective and marketable style guides for CPG applications, leveraged IPs in packaging and branding projects, created cohesive and brandable custom graphics, and built convincing mockups with design assets.
Fall 2021
I used Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, and Procreate throughout the 8-week internship. I was advised by Creative Directors Thai Dao and David Swift in the CPG, Marketing team.

︎ Brand identity  ︎ Social media campaign  ︎ Logo design

Illumination Intern Insight is Illumination’s LinkedIn campaign to promote the internship program and recruit future interns. Illumination’s films and product aim to inspire joy in all demographics, so the branding reflects the necessary element of playfulness while grounded in professionalism.

︎ Packaging design  ︎ International collaboration

I designed a candy tin (with a removeable magnet component) for a seasonal pop-up experience, Minion Summer Cafe, in PARCO JAPAN, a famous department store in Tokyo.

︎ Style guide graphic design  ︎ Mockups

Arcade Champs is a Minions: The Rise of Gru style guide exploring how minions show off their arcade skills, inspired by old school 80s arcade cabinet art. I worked alongside creative director David Swift to create graphics and mockups. My patterns made it to the final style guide!

Through this experience I was able to learn about the entertainment industry and its diverse marketing potential. Working closely with creative directors, I was able to simultaneously build technical skill and understand the implications of creating and upholding brand standards, especially at a global film and marketing powerhouse like Illumination.

A huge thank you to all the lovely, talented, and inspiring people that made my summer experience so special!