What makes a minion, a Minion™️?

At Illumination, I conducted trend research and crafted versatile style guides for universal* applications of IPs. I also created custom graphics, branding, and mockups. It was an incredible opportunity to promote the most successful animated franchise in cinematic history.

Grab a 🍌, and see how designs on screen end up on shelves in my project highlights below.

*Illumination is owned and funded by Universal Pictures


Graphic Design Intern

Graphic Design
Packaging Design
Brand Identity
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Thai Dao
David Swift
CPG/Marketing Teams @Illumination

Summer 2021

Illumination Intern Insights
︎ Brand identity  ︎ Social media campaign  ︎ Logo design ︎ Individual project

The pandemic called for a refreshed LinkedIn presence for Illumination to recruit early talent. Much like Illumination’s films, the branding reflects a familiar touch of playfulness, though still grounded in professionalism.

Minion Summer Cafe, Tokyo
︎ CPG design  ︎ International stakeholder collaboration 

Minions has an enthusiastic international audience, and partnerships invite fun branding challenges. I was tasked with designing a candy tin (with a removable magnet component) for a seasonal pop-up experience, Minion Summer Cafe, in PARCO JAPAN, a famous department store in Tokyo.

Actual product proof and candy tin in-store!

CPG Style Guide
︎ Style guide graphic design  ︎ Mockups

Style guides are robust graphic libraries—the backbone of CPG applications at Illumination. Arcade Champs is a now-approved style guide exploring how minions show off their arcade skills, inspired by old school 80s arcade cabinet art. I worked alongside Creative Director David Swift to create custom artwork and mockups. My patterns made it to the final style guide! 

Through this experience I was able to learn about the entertainment industry and its diverse marketing potential. Working closely with creative directors, I was able to simultaneously build technical skill and understand the implications of creating and upholding brand standards, especially at a global film and marketing powerhouse like Illumination. I also internalized the value of sharing convincing proof-of-concept designs to communicate design ideas effectively with team members.

A huge thank you to all the lovely, talented, and inspiring people that made my summer experience so special!