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We made it easy for all athletes to stay motivated and meet their fitness goals by designing a conversational AI experience —a helpful yet nonintrusive companion that adapts to their workout preferences and integrates seamlessly with their busy lives.
Spring 2022 (7 weeks)
Role — UX Designer, Content Designer, UI Designer. Although we collaborated on all parts of the process, I worked extensively in determining product fit, CUI conversations, and features to redesign. I also designed all print artifacts to present our concept.
Team — Sammie Kim, Francis Park, Charmaine Qiu
Tools —
Figma, After Effects

Experience elevated at-home training—complete with simple, guided conversation.

We revamped the hottest fitness app on the app store, Nike Training Club, to provide data-driven recommendations and custom workout modifications to empower every athlete* to achieve their fitness goals.

*If you have a body, you are an athlete.

Concept Video


Focus on form today...

Nike Training Club has an abundant collection of workout videos starring professional trainers. We identified that this is a helpful feature for beginners focusing on performing workouts accurately.

With Nike CUI, users can now recieve personalized tips on improving workout form and save specific workouts within a playlist into their favorites.

...and tomorrow will be even better.

Nike Training Club also offers a customizable “whiteboard workout” format that allows users to better manage the pace of their workout. We elevated these features to grant athletes maximum control over their workout session. 

With Nike CUI...
1 — Quickly start a whiteboard workout from favorites
2 — Increase the intensity of a workout
3 — Switch to an alternative workout

4 — Save the modified workout playlist for next time


Dive into our complete process documentation here.


Personal fitness post-COVID invites higher expectations.

Although exercise is a highly personal and physical endeavor, an increase of remote modalities and cautiousness in public spaces has heightened a sense of impersonality in this problem. Even the hottest fitness app on the app store, Nike Fitness Club leave users craving for more. 

We conducted extensive research on the available resources that target personal fitness. We also identified potential opportunities to add nuance to the in-app NTC experience.

Unlike other school projects where we were encouraged to develop a completely novel user experience, we recognized that we should work within the existing restraints of the app.


Not all athletes are created equal.

From our user research, we defined our two main personas as the beginner athlete and the experienced athlete. Designing for a broad range of experience levels was appropriate not only for NTC’s existing functions but also for Nike’s mission to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”


Nike tells a great story. 

Inspired by Nike’s evocative storytelling campaigns, we embarked on an iterative script-writing process that simultaneously informed the user flow and integration of the AI assistant. Read our final script here.
Our video follows Kate, a young woman interested in improving her athleticism from the comfort of her home. As she continues to work out, Kate grows from a beginner athlete following trainer-led video workouts to an experienced athlete that can customize workouts on the fly. It is only with the Nike intelligent assistant and the curated recommendations, guidance, and flexibility that Kate is able to advance from focusing on form today to owning her workout tomorrow.

Final User Journey Map


Nike moves with you.

Because Nike is meant to add to one’s personal fitness routine, we designed Nike’s look to fit seamlessly in the NTC UI system, overlayed on top of workout videos, and in user conversation.


A proposal as designed as the design in itself.

We designed a concept video and supplementary print artifacts to present our concept and screen designs with comprehensive concision. 

Mobile UI Focus
Features Navigation

Film roll effects

Edgy type effects


Our group not only worked on visual concept, animated that visual concept, conceptualized our concept to begin with, filmed for almost 6 hours, created a video, designed additional print materials, and got crazy granular with our 30+ revisions to our script, but we also got to experience finding a context for our design. Given the nebulous prompt of designing a CUI with no constraints for who and what, our group got to explore what we were personally interested in. Though that left us in a challenging space of trying to facilitate guidance and personalization, it was a gratifying experience to think about ways that we could reform Nike’s platforms to renew their values in a completely new medium. Asking ourselves the questions about creating something that doesn’t exist in a way that would integrate so naturally into a brand that is so established was an ambitious but necessary exercise in getting familiar with design as a package deal of visuals, strategy, and innovation.