Our inner child reimagines high fashion.

The 26th rendition of Lunar Gala marked a few notable milestones. The revival of an in-person show post-pandemic—and a celebration of youth that challenges the meaning of high fashion.

As Print and Brand Design Head, I directed the manifestation of the visual presence of the show. I closely managed the production team: art directing all print and digital deliverables and overseeing the cross-functional use of all branded assets.

Dive into a candid recap of our design process, output, and reflections on my first experience leading a design team. ︎︎︎


Print and Brand Design Head

Art Direction
Creative Management
Print Design
Brand Identity
Design Systems

Maggie Ma
Francis Park
Charmaine Qiu
Jacky Lococo
Ricky Chen
Ethan Yang
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Aug. ‘21 – Mar. ‘22
(8 months)


Lunar Gala is the largest fashion event in Pittsburgh.

Leading Print for Lunar Gala required a deep understanding of the core brand of the organization and how the annual show may represent a side of fashion and interdisciplinary artistry beyond it.

Our team took advantage of recruitment promotion to familiarize ourselves with the sophisticated and photo-centric Lunar Gala brand. We embraced Lunar Gala’s avant-garde chic with diverse promotional applications of the brand.

On March 20, 2022, The Eternal Garden called for the collective return to our inner child, a place of unbridled discovery and wonder.

The challenge:

Strike a delicate balance between the elegance of high fashion and the whimsicality of youth.


Gradients and thin-stroke patterns soften and add sophistication to our bright and expressive color palette. Illustrations existed in 3 distinct forms.

The garden is populated with an assortment of distinctive flower species. Take a closer look at our illustrated assets (the Botanical Bible Book) and observe elements of the human body take part in the mystical garden.


In February, show promotion began on the screen.

Social media was a crucial element in Lunar Gala’s approach to PR. We utilized both Facebook and Instagram.

I devised a 5-week show reveal strategy via Instagram, the most popular social media platform among college students. Across recruitment and promotion, we made over 28 posts with corresponding stories.

The Eternal Garden website provided additional information to prospective attendees prior to show day. Check it out here.

I worked with the Web team leads in providing assets and setting composition standards that aligned with our brand.

Similarly, the Motion Team relied on our team’s asset library to bring the illustrations to life in the minute-long show teaser.


An in-person experience was in the works.

We created tabloid-size show posters to generate hype for the show across campus in the final week before show day. On show day, a larger show poster and eight wayfinding posters guided and welcomed guests into the venue.

At a trim size of 6 x 8”, 44-page embossed booklets provided an intimate look into the designers’ pieces and acknowledged the people that made the show happen. 

This is where we were challenged to extend our type system to communicate more information. Booklet production also bridged our illustrated assets and expansive color palette with photography. 

Themed long-sleeve shirts and tote bags were sold before and on show day. We took advantage of our flexible illustration system to convey a simple whimsy that catches the eye.

We made black short-sleeve shirts for internal members—they made their first appearance at curtain call.


Managing a creative team made me a better designer and collaborator.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, virtual precedent of the 2021 show, and team members all over the world, the Creative Team adopted a hybrid mode of work.

Team cohesion was especially important to me.

Our internal team primarily met in-person. We used collaborative tools like Figma, Slack, Google Drive, and Zoom to manage the influx of deliverables and inter-team communications.

As crucial as cohesion is to effective teamwork, I also emphasized the importance of play and encouraged broad investigations of what youth meant to us.

It was important to me that every team member’s interests were recognized and strengths, leveraged. Thus, come production, I created sub-teams for poster, signage, booklet, social media, and merch. I provided logistical guidelines, conceptual jumping-off points, and critique that preserved the integrity of our brand, so the team can work their magic.

At weekly Creative Team standups, I summarized the team’s efforts, then synthesized actionable steps from high-level direction. With this system, we were able go above and beyond the abundance and breadth of deliverables expected from us.

This experience made me realize how empowering a leadership role could be. The process of dissolving exploration into a concise yet resilient brand was very challenging. However, my team’s commitment to the process and growth across the 7 months inspired me to keep going.

I can only hope that my hardworking team learned as much from our work as I have from them! 🌷🤍


Level up personal fitness with Nike AI.

We improved Nike Training Club to empower beginner and experienced users to achieve their fitness goals at home. Our concept video speaks to athletes of all skill levels with an emphasis on personalization.

Although this project was a collaborative effort, I had the most ownership over the messaging and script.


UX Writer
Visual Designer
Conversation Design
Campaign Design/Branding
UI Design
Motion Graphics

Sammie Kim
Francis Park
Charmaine Qiu
(for Nike Training Club)
7 weeks


Focus on form today...

Nike Training Club has an abundant collection of workout videos with guidance from professional trainers. We identified that this is a helpful feature for beginners focusing on performing workouts accurately.

With Nike CUI, users can get personalized tips on improving workout form and save specific workouts within a playlist into their favorites.

...and tomorrow will be even better.

Nike Training Club also offers a customizable “whiteboard workout” format that allows users to better manage the pace of their workout. We elevated these features to grant athletes maximum control over their workout session. 


Personal fitness post-COVID invites higher expectations.

Despite exercise being a highly personal physical endeavor, current at-home fitness resources reflect a sense of impersonality. Even the hottest fitness app on the app store, Nike Fitness Club leave users craving for more. 

Key Insight:
Although most users enjoyed the quality and range of resources offered in the app, they found it hard to select and adjust resources to match their needs, goals, and lifestyle.


Fitness resources are not one-size-fits-all.

We thus defined two core audiences: beginner athlete and the experienced athlete. Designing for broader skill-level accessibility was not only a user-centered design decision, but part of a higher-level strategy to further Nike’s mission to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”


Nike tells a great story. 

Inspired by Nike’s evocative storytelling campaigns, we modeled the campaign structure on a human story. Instead of a standard demo video of product features, the video acts as a campaign for better athleticism in and of itself.
Our video follows Kate, a young woman interested in improving her athleticism from the comfort of her home. As she continues to work out, Kate grows from a beginner athlete following trainer-led video workouts to an experienced athlete that can customize workouts on the fly. It is only with Nike’s intelligent assistant and the curated recommendations, guidance, and flexibility that Kate is able to advance from focusing on form today to owning her workout tomorrow.Full script here︎︎︎


Nike moves with you.

Nike AI’s look reflects an exciting breadth of motion states that is familiar to fitness. Nike AI fits seamlessly in the NTC design system, whether it is activated during workout videos or on app interfaces.


Finishing with Nike flair. 

Mobile UI Focus
Features Navigation

Film roll effects
Edgy type movement

Team Nike ✔︎

Thanks for reading!


This past year I’ve had the privilege of working with the DesignLab at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, an in-house design agency supporting NASA science and engineering in communicating the value, results, and wonder of space exploration.   

Flyby a few project highlights below. ✨️ 

First HD Video in Deep Space

🚀️ Launched Dec 2023  ︎ Motion Graphics  ︎ Public Strategy  

NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications experiment used lasers to beam this ultra-high definition streaming video from a record-setting 19 million miles away. I had ownership over this video’s concept, graphics, and motion design. Read more︎︎︎
Reached 451M people and 2.57M impressions within 4 days on JPL socials. Generated news stories from the New York Times, NPR, AFP, ABC,
NBC News, Washington Post, BBC, USA Today, and more.

Software Symposium

🚀️ Launched Jan 2024  ︎ Branding  ︎ UX Research
The first Software Symposium promises a new era of software competency at JPL. I interviewed 15+ software engineers and designers at JPL and distilled the unique essence of software for space exploration into this conference identity.

More projects launching soon!


Case study coming soon!


What makes a minion, a Minion™️?

I had an incredible summer helping promote the most successful animated franchise in cinematic history. At Illumination, I conducted trend research and crafted versatile style guides for universal* applications of IPs. I also created custom graphics, branding, and mockups.

Grab a 🍌, and see how designs on screen end up on shelves in my project highlights below.

*Illumination is owned and funded by Universal Pictures


Graphic Design Intern

Graphic Design
Packaging Design
Brand Identity
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Thai Dao
David Swift
CPG/Marketing Teams @Illumination

Summer 2021

Illumination Intern Insights
︎ Brand identity  ︎ Social media campaign  ︎ Logo design ︎ Individual project

The pandemic called for a refreshed LinkedIn presence for Illumination to recruit early talent. Much like Illumination’s films, the branding reflects a familiar touch of playfulness, though still grounded in professionalism.

Minion Summer Cafe, Tokyo
︎ CPG design  ︎ International stakeholder collaboration 

Minions has an international audience, and partnerships invite fun branding challenges. I was tasked with designing a candy tin (with a removable magnet component) for a seasonal pop-up experience, Minion Summer Cafe, in PARCO JAPAN, a famous department store in Tokyo.

Actual product proof and candy tin in-store!

CPG Style Guide
︎ Style guide graphic design  ︎ Mockups

Style guides are robust graphic libraries—the backbone of CPG applications at Illumination. Arcade Champs is a now-approved style guide exploring how minions show off their arcade skills, inspired by old school 80s arcade cabinet art. I worked alongside creative director David Swift to create custom artwork and mockups. My patterns made it to the final style guide! 

Through this experience I was able to learn about the entertainment industry and its diverse marketing potential. Working closely with creative directors, I was able to simultaneously build technical skill and understand the implications of creating and upholding brand standards, especially at a global film and marketing powerhouse like Illumination. I also internalized the value of sharing convincing proof-of-concept designs to communicate design ideas effectively with team members.

A huge thank you to all the lovely, talented, and inspiring people that made my summer experience so special!