This past year I’ve had the privilege of working with the DesignLab at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, an in-house design agency supporting NASA science and engineering in communicating the value, results, and wonder of space exploration.   

Flyby a few project highlights below. ✨️ 

First HD Video in Deep Space

🚀️ Launched Oct 2023 •  🌎 Reached Earth Dec 2023  ︎ Motion Graphics  ︎ Public Media Strategy  

NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications experiment used lasers to beam this ultra-high definition streaming video from a record-setting 19 million miles away. I had ownership of this video’s concept, graphics, and motion design. Read more︎︎︎

The mission reached 451 million people and 2.57 million impressions within 4 days on JPL socials thanks to Taters the cat. It also generated viral news stories from CNN, the New York Times, NPR, Washington Post, AFP, ABC,
NBC News, BBC, USA Today, and more.

Behind the scenes of the video reaching Earth!

More than a public sensation, this video intends to educate the masses about NASA’s tech demonstrations, which are critical to continuing NASA’s long history as a technological leader (more on demos here). In addition to workshopping the graphics on this video with the mission’s lead project technologist, I created a cheat sheet to explain the video’s strategic design. 

Software Symposium

🚀️ Launched Feb 2024  ︎ Branding  ︎ UX Research
The first Software Symposium promises a new era of software competency at JPL. I interviewed 15+ software engineers and designers at JPL and distilled the unique essence of software for space exploration into this conference identity.

Earth System Science Methodology

🚀️ Published Dec 2023  ︎ Information Design
Science goals are only achieved with cross-industry buy-in. I helped Earth system science engineers debut a new methodology at the biggest Earth science conference, American Geophysical Union (AGU). This framework breaks down the complexity of identifying impactful science topics for societal benefit.

Process sketches

Cleanroom Instructor Tooling

🚀️ Implemented Jan 2024  ︎ UX Design  ︎ Visual Design

I worked closely with instructors to redesign course templates and instructor resources for quality, consistent, and trusted technical training for all NASA personnel. Beyond setting new visual standards, the implemented designs are revision-conscious and compatible across course offerings and instructing styles.

Lead instructor testimonial — “What sets Elysha apart is her exceptional ability to transform high-level, abstract concepts into tangible, user-friendly designs.”

More projects launching soon!