Hi, I’m Elysha!

Thanks for stopping by. 💫

I’m a thinker, strategist, and maker—passionate about tough problems, finding innovative solutions that scale, and getting as much people as I can to care about them as much as I do. Currently at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, I collaborate closely with scientists and engineers to improve their workflows and connect STEM and mission topics to the public. Previously, I studied Communication Design and HCI from Carnegie Mellon, designed products for joy at Illumination, branded a few shows, and drove awareness of liver disease at Stanford.

When discovering my path in design, it was difficult to choose just one medium or process. I came to realize I commit not to methodologies, but to human issues with a relentless pursuit of understanding. With a blend of my UX, visual, and branding skillset, it’s the greatest privilege to integrate broad perspectives into cohesive solutions, driving impact for social good. Hot cheetos, iced tea, and electronic music are my main accomplices in these missions, but I’m always looking for more crewmates to build cool things together.