Using a human-centered design approach to tackle hard problems.

I am a creative generalist driven by the why of making. Currently at JPL, I collaborate closely with scientists and engineers to improve their workflows and connect complex mission topics to the public. From designing PIXLISE's public presence at JPL (case study︎︎︎) to leading a creative team at Lunar Gala (case study︎︎︎), I consistently approach problems with empathy and a relentless pursuit of understanding.

Have you seen this cat video? I’m proud to share our news team has reached half a billion people since releasing this laser comms test video in mid-December 2023. Leveraging my background in marketing and brand design, I bring a different perspective and visual skillset to further enrich user experiences for all. 

Open to full-time opportunities, I am excited to bring my passion for UX and product design towards a new challenge. Let's explore how we can work together! 

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