Level up personal fitness with Nike AI.

We improved Nike Training Club to empower beginner and experienced users to achieve their fitness goals at home. Our concept video speaks to athletes of all skill levels with an emphasis on personalization.

Although this project was a collaborative effort, I had the most ownership over the messaging and script.


UX Writer
Visual Designer
Conversation Design
Campaign Strategy
UI Design
Motion Graphics

Sammie Kim
Francis Park
Charmaine Qiu
(for Nike Training Club)
7 weeks


Focus on form today...

Nike Training Club has an abundant collection of workout videos with guidance from professional trainers. We identified that this is a helpful feature for beginners focusing on performing workouts accurately.

With Nike CUI, users can get personalized tips on improving workout form and save specific workouts within a playlist into their favorites.

...and tomorrow will be even better.

Nike Training Club also offers a customizable “whiteboard workout” format that allows users to better manage the pace of their workout. We elevated these features to grant athletes maximum control over their workout session. 


Personal fitness post-COVID invites higher expectations.

Despite exercise being a highly personal physical endeavor, current at-home fitness resources reflect a sense of impersonality. Even the hottest fitness app on the app store, Nike Fitness Club leave users craving for more. 

Key Insight:
Although most users enjoyed the quality and range of resources offered in the app, they found it hard to select and adjust resources to match their needs, goals, and lifestyle.


Fitness resources are not one-size-fits-all.

We thus defined two core audiences: beginner athlete and the experienced athlete. Designing for broader skill-level accessibility was not only a user-centered design decision, but part of a higher-level strategy to further Nike’s mission to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”


Nike tells a great story. 

Inspired by Nike’s evocative storytelling campaigns, we modeled the campaign structure on a human story. Instead of a standard demo video of product features, the video acts as a campaign for better athleticism in and of itself.
Our video follows Kate, a young woman interested in improving her athleticism from the comfort of her home. As she continues to work out, Kate grows from a beginner athlete following trainer-led video workouts to an experienced athlete that can customize workouts on the fly. It is only with Nike’s intelligent assistant and the curated recommendations, guidance, and flexibility that Kate is able to advance from focusing on form today to owning her workout tomorrow.Full script here︎︎︎


Nike moves with you.

Nike AI’s look reflects an exciting breadth of motion states that is familiar to fitness. Nike AI fits seamlessly in the NTC design system, whether it is activated during workout videos or on app interfaces.


Finishing with Nike flair. 

Mobile UI Focus
Features Navigation

Film roll effects
Edgy type movement

Team Nike ✔︎

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